• Ken-Pai

Typical Friday Night

The final scene of this series takes place after recording from their show in which we find the gang chilling in their apartment. Nancy is sitting on the sideways on the armchair reaching with her phone to get better wi-fi but with no luck. Sam and Craig are lazing around the couch watching a Romper room since its only one of the only channels they can get running. The room is a mess with an empty pizza box on the coffee table with stashes of beer cans all over. Sam is seen eating hummus from the contained while Craig looks grossed out. There’s not much lighting besides light coming from the red chili lights strewn around the room. In the back we see various objects and posters of pop culture products. While the mascot costumes are left piled by the door.

I found this illustration composition really nice to draw as not only is perfect story wise but we get to see all our main cast in such a close up view and see the expressions going on. The best part was designing the clean room and just wrecking it later with cracks and trash all over. I’m not sure how but a messy room always seems to tell more story rather than a clean one.

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