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Meet the cast of "Mascots"!

Here are the character lineups for my comedy cartoon-based series “Mascots”. Mascots is about three friends who live in a dump apartment that want to try and “make it big” in their life. The three live in a small town in Northern Ontario called Eugene, Our main three characters are Craig, the big athletic guy who lacks the smarts, Nancy, the sassy and snarky girl and Sam, the tech genius who’s laid back without much sense of responsibility.

Craig and Nancy work at a restaurant as part time while Sam worked at a hardware/adult shop. The three wanted something more in their lives so during their job search they happen to found an opportunity for a biz at a Kids show called “Uncle Ray & Friends Super-Duper Fun Times Show”. Naturally, they all tried it out as Nancy and Craig were theatre program graduates and Sam has electrical experience and knowledge in hardware. Much like their questionable apartment the studio isn’t very high budget so there’s always a problem everyday at the studio for the characters to deal with. The director, Ray, is a very loud and eccentric man and is very passionate to making the show the greatest thing to exist. He also owns a meat pie show and a Taxidermy Emporium. Marjorie is the studio’s owner…well she owns most of the town. She’s a widow but apparently her late husband was a real turd which leads to her being rather strict and a bad mood most of the time. Each episode will show the struggles our cast goes through as they try to catch their big break and get out of this armpit they call a home.

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