• Ken-Pai


Here are the outfits the gang puts on for work! Nancy plays Iggy the Iguana, Craig plays Kit the Cat, and Sam plays Dug the Dog. Iggy’s character is kind of easy going, very likeable and has a sense of leadership within the gang. Though his cowboy antics can sometimes get him into trouble. Kit is that one clumsy maid that makes more issues rather than fixing them. Dug is usually the chill but also rather sardonic.

The budget for studio is rather low so there were a few issues regarding the costumes. It seemed like Ray picked up Iggy’s outfit at an old thrift store. Most of Kit’s outfit was torn so he just grabbed the maid outfit and put them together. As for Dug’s outfit well I think that’s self explanatory.Overall, the program itself is about the group and their lifestyle at home while teaching viewers exploration, imagination and problem solving.

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